Splitting In Blackjack- What You Need to Know

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The modern version of blackjack as we know it today is one of the oldest games in the world, and has undergone a number of transformations before becoming the game we know and love today. With this natural evolution at play, it makes sense then that there would be a set of rules that have grown alongside the game, and that are extremely common with today’s blackjack.

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One of these rules, and one that is extremely popular among players is the rule of splitting. Splitting is done when a player receives two of the same cards at the start of the game. The player can then choose to split the two cards to create entirely new hands of cards, which they can then use independence for that game. The dealer then hands out a new card for each one of hands.

This is a game changer for any player, as it means that you now have two hands to use, which also effectively doubles the value of the bet you put down before you started, as most commonly you will be required to match your original bet with the new hand. Therefore, learning the best times to make use of a split can mean the difference between walking away a winner or not.

Splitting Aces in Blackjack

Once you start playing, it is possible of getting two aces straight off the bat, which means that you are also able to split them. With two aces, it is possible to outright get a blackjack as the game starts, which is an instant win for the player. Most commonly, online blackjack casinos will completely disallow pair splitting entirely to stop players from being able to split two aces. Having two aces guarantees a win, and also guarantees that you will make double back from the bet that you have placed.

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There are some casinos that still allow pair splitting, however, which means there is that chance of landing two aces from the first dealt hand. The ones that do allow for splitting will often only make the odds for a pair of aces 1:1 as opposed to the usual 3:2 you would get from a proper blackjack. For this reason, most players will decide to not enforce the splitting rule if they do get two cards, as it immediately lowers the amount you can win back by a substantial amount.

It is usually up to the discretion of the player, and for those that absolutely want a win no matter what, splitting aces may seem like the smartest move. You will be guaranteed to win something, even if the amount is small.

Splitting Eights

A general rule of thumb for players is to always split any two eights that appear in the first two cards. If you choose to not split, you will have a hand of 16. Splitting, on the other hand, can mean having two hands of 18, which is often a good way to get a blackjack quickly. This is why most experienced players agree that splitting eights is what all players should do if the opportunity arises.

Playing Blackjack Online

Online blackjack has the potential for splitting, and many agree that it is a legitimate way of gaining wins while playing. Even if the odds may be lowered for certain cards, splitting is an important rule to remember and can make winning much easier.