Things to Pay Attention to at the Blackjack Table

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Blackjack is an immensely popular game in New Zealand, and has been offered by casinos around the country for decades. First gaining prominence in Las Vegas, blackjack made its way around the world, and today it’s second only to slots in terms of sheer visitation. Casinos were quick to realise that they had something truly special in their hands in the form of blackjack, but also realised that it was a game that the player had just as much chance of winning as the casino.

This is why casinos began developing tricks to give themselves a better edge in the game. These are tricks that go beyond just the cards, and incorporate the dealer as well as the general amenities that the casino offers. Keep reading to learn how casinos trick their players into making mistakes and leaving the table at a loss.

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Taking Bad Advice

If you’ve ever visited a blackjack table at a New Zealand casino, you will invariably have noticed that the dealer was more than willing to give you some advice on how to play. This was pushed even harder if the dealer knew that you were new to the game. This wasn’t the dealer trying to be nice or give you legitimate advice – rather them trying to upend your chances of winning the cards.

Ex-dealers have confirmed that they would give players bad playing advice so that they would make mistakes and end losing to the house. The faster the player loses, the faster another player will take their spot, meaning a higher average income for the casino.

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False Friendships

It doesn’t end with just bad advice, and can even go as far as manipulating your emotions so that you feel more welcome at the table. It’s all about creating a false sense of security for the player; lowering their defences so that they that will be more likely to spend more money at the table. It’s an art that dealers have perfected over the years, and it works well with other the other tricks that casinos employ, such as drinking. Speaking of drinking…

Constant Flow of Booze

Alcohol is synonymous with casinos, and for good reason. The more alcohol you ingest, the more likely you are to make mistakes. These mistakes usually come in the form of you spending more money, making the wrong move at the table, or staying longer at the games that you originally intended. This is why casinos try and coax you into drinking more at every turn, and some even offer free alcohol to those players that buy a certain number of chips. The more bad decisions you make, the more that the casino can potentially end up earning.

Getting Your Hopes Up

Emotions run high in the casino, and the dealers have learnt how best to make you feel good for as long as possible to keep you betting more. Add some alcohol with this, and you can see how fake optimism can quickly become a player’s downfall. The dealer at any blackjack table will make you feel like you’re doing well, and that you should keep going no matter how you’re actually doing.

Casinos have long used various ways to ensure that their players bet more, and at the end of the day, these tricks are difficult to resist. If you’re looking to play some games, the best way to go about it is finding your favourite games online where you can easily avoid all the tricks and manipulation.