Does Casino Card Counting Work?

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If you’ve ever been to a New Zealand casino, both online or land-based, you will have heard of the universally popular game of blackjack. Having been a part of the casino industry for the better part of the last 100 years, blackjack has more fans than most other games, save for slots. Blackjack’s popularity is due to a few different factors, and apart from the fact that it’s incredibly easy to learn, many are drawn to the game because of some of the strategies many believe can be used to better the odds.

One of these, and perhaps the most famous, is card counting. Casino card counting is almost as old as the game itself, and has become a favourite for many New Zealand players who want to try and improve their chances of winning. With all the different types of strategies and methods available, there is one question that many players may ask about card counting: does it work?

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How Does Card Counting Work?

We’ve often seen in films that a mathematically gifted individual will go into a casino and start using their knowledge of numbers to count each card, keeping track of them in the deck one by one, and hitting or staying with that information. Real card counting, however, does not work quite like that, and does not require that you have a deep understanding of numbers and mathematics.

Instead, casino card counting works in a much more simple way, where the player instead adds a point value to the cards that they see, and then use this value to estimate where their cards will appear in the deck. This value is usually assigned to either high or low numbers, where low numbers benefit the dealer, and higher numbers are better for the player. At no point in casino card counting does the player need to try and track cards individually, making it much easier than many realise.

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Does Card Counting Work?

This is down to two factors. Firstly, if depends on whether you are wanting to attempt card counting online or at a land-based casino. If it is online, card counting is essentially pointless, as the cards are shuffled instantly and automatically, usually in such a way that the player can’t keep track. There are exceptions to this, but for the most part, casino card counting is best left for the table at a physical casino.

If you want to try card counting at a physical casino, there are some hurdles that might stand in the way. For instance, most casinos have long been wise to the nature of casino card counting, and have therefore implemented a number of ways to keep it at bay. One of the most successful is simply by using more than one deck in a game. More decks mean more cards, making it almost impossible to keep track of all the cards. There are also special shuffling machines that shuffle the cards out of the player’s view, meaning they can’t keep track of the deck.

Card Counting in Conclusion

Card counting is something that truly peaked a few decades ago, and today has been made almost completely obsolete. If you are playing with friends or find a casino that does not have anti-counting methods in place, then it is worth looking in to.