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Online Blackjack Odds

Blackjack has a reputation as the game that allows players who know what they are doing to win on a more regular basis. If you can refine your skill and strategy you can effectively reduce the online casino odds when playing Blackjack. While this is true, you either need to master card counting, or have a thorough understanding of online Blackjack odds to pull off the feat.

However, modern continuous-shuffle shoes in land-based casinos, and the random number generators that create Blackjack hands in online casinos, make card-counting ineffective. In addition, a shoe can hold between one and eight 52-card decks, so working out Blackjack odds on the fly is a job for people who have studied statistics.


1 $1,600 NZD Over 450 Games
2 $1,000 NZD Over 450 Games
3 $350 NZD Over 450 Games

There are nevertheless some basics that hold true over most multi-deck versions. Your chance of busting if you hit on a hard 12, for example, is 31%. On a hard 13, it rises to 38%, on a hard 14, it’s 46%; it goes up to 54% on a hard 15, and peaks at 62% on a hard 16.

Whether or not you take a card on any of those totals depends on the dealer’s up card, of course, but it is helpful to know what you are up against if you do have to hit. Rather than becoming a statistical expert, however, it is possible to play Blackjack effectively by following the strategies that actual statistical experts have already worked out: there are several good ones to be found that reduce the casino games’ odds.

Dealer-Low Blackjack Strategies for Online Casinos

The simplest way to rank the card the Blackjack dealer is showing is ‘low’ or ‘high’. A dealer showing any card from 2-6 is low, and Blackjack odds determine the following strategic responses:

If you have a total of a hard 4-8, you should hit against a low dealer. Unless the dealer’s card is a 2, double if you have 9. If you have 10 or 11, double against a low dealer.

On a hard 12-20, you generally stand if the dealer is low; if you have 21, you obviously stand no matter what the dealer has. If the dealer is showing only 2 against your hard 12, however, mathematically the odds say you should hit. On a soft 13-15, hit against a low dealer, and double with a soft 16-18. Stand on 19 and above, even if it’s soft.

Odds For Blackjack & When to Split

The strategic rules for splitting aren’t too complicated: always split double 8s and double Aces. Split double 2s, 3s, 6s, 7s and 9s only if the dealer is showing 6 or less, and never split double 4s, 5s or 10s.

Effective Dealer-High Blackjack Strategies

If the dealer is showing a card between 7 and an Ace, you’re up against a high dealer on that hand. If you’re holding a hard 4-8, your strategy remains the same: hit. But don’t double a total of 9 against a high dealer; simply hit instead. Whether you double or just hit on 10 or 11 depends on whether the dealer’s card is lower or higher than your total, respectively.

When the dealer’s up card is high, you should also hit on hard 12-16, and stand on 17 or higher. On a soft 13-18, hit against a high dealer, but stand on a soft 19 or more.

In many of these situations, of course, hitting is still going to bust you. But if you play over the long term, a simple strategy like this makes the most effective use of the Blackjack odds to increase your chances of winning more often. By knowing the casino games’ odds and how to reduce them, you’ll enjoy greater success, and greater payouts too.